(from the archive)

if you were an element,
you would be lithium,
existing since the
beginning of the universe
yet curiously sparse-
radioactive yet stabilizing,
beautiful before reaction yet
tarnished thereafter.

if you were an isotope,
you would be balanced.
pure form incarnate,
steady and light.
stabilized core used for
fiery results and gentle calm.

if i was an element,
i’d be iridium,
rainbow of the gods,
bowing under my own density.
silvery white and smooth,
beautiful and brittle,
full of potential but
difficult to work.

if i was an isotope,
i would be heavy,
weighted world bursting
through my inner walls,
nuclear content pregnant
with sheer existence.

only you with your
light reactivity
can channel my
into something lovely.

i am your noble metal,
proud and breakable,
rare and ready
to be used.

and you,
you are my mood regulator
my battery base,
my alkaline hero.

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