hello depression, my old friend

I regret you’ve come to call again

my nights are long and mornings dark

on this bleak stretch of my story arc


booze & drugs compound the pain

preying on my troubled brain

and yet without, it’s all just sleep

while fevered visions dreaming keeps


each morning as the moon descends

the madness in my mind begins

and as the sunlight filters in

the darkness claims my soul again


I hate this state of disarray

This chaos caused by my decay

The struggle just to raise my head

And fight against this constant dread


The mirror holds my weary face

A reflection of a crumbling place

A soul once lit with wild fire

Which struggles now to not expire


The whispers in my battered ears

Condemn me for those wicked years

When I was mad and could not see

My ego was atrocity


I’ve suffered so for each misstep

A razor scar for each regret

Care denied & love withheld

A basic sense of worth expelled


And yet each time you come around

My daily struggles to compound

You tire out before I break

My patient faith too strong to shake


So though you’ve laid destructive plans

I won’t submit to your demands

I’ll cup the flame within my hands

And fuel the fire that I am.



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