I’m fire and ice

I’m naughty and nice

Whatever the subject,

I’ve done it twice

Life, love, and lust

There’s never enough

I can’t get my fill

Of the sticky sweet stuff

Pleasure and pain

They’re really the same

And, when properly dosed,

Make us dangerous game

And always I wonder

With each roll of thunder

If it’s mania or depression

Whose spell I’ll be under

‘Cause for as long as I’ve known

Down deep in my bones

I’ve understood darkness

And being alone

Is this why I’m wild?

Haphazardly styled?

A curious book

Improperly filed?

For balance I strive

Each day of my life

But the toll of the battle

Leaves me empty inside

For in madness I’m blest

And royally dressed

To hold court for passions

And painful regrets

The tilt of my scale

Is a precarious tale

And the state of my spirit

Is resilient yet frail

I must slay this demon

For spiritual reasons

So my heart and my head

Can finally be even.

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