I once was a magical child,

With the spark of the sun in my eyes.

Stars fell from my feet as I traveled

And the darkness had nothing to hide.


I walked all alone without terror

And danced by the light of the moon.

The shadows were friendly companions,

Who sang me the loveliest tunes.


But the magic of girls has a power

That incites a furious rage

And as I turned into a woman

My magic was slowly encaged


First they strangle our spirits

And tell us our lives are less-than

They hold up our girlhood as sickly

And demand we submit to a man.


They control our bodies with standards

And laws that limit our choice

They coerce and degrade us with violence

To effectively silence our voice


Because of the magic of girlhood

We cheerfully try to appease

Though these masters are cruel and unbending

And force us like slaves to our knees


Our night selves are strangled by evil

Our shadows look over our heads

And once where our footfalls were magic

Now terror explodes where we tread


But this isn’t the lot of a human

Which women are certainly so

And in our hearts we begin a rebellion

To assert our magical glow


Women are given a burden

And expected to carry the men

Though Savior is not our dominion

And each should account for his sins


We rise like the sun in the morning

Our strength is feral and raw

We fight for control of our bodies

And equal treatment by law


You won’t push us down to the basement

Our existence is vital and real

We’ll dance like nymphets in the moonlight

And joyfully express how we feel


You can’t take the power of women

Or keep us from speaking out loud

Our voices are real and insistent

And we won’t disappear in the crowd

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