Paranoia and Civic Responsibilities

‚ÄčIf you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know I was a big Bernie supporter. if this is your first time reading, then Hello! My name is Missy and I was a big Bernie supporter, even serving as a delegate and elected to state representation. (though I couldn’t actually go to state because I was ill the day of.)
Buuuuuuut… I’m getting tired of the fact that I’m legit schizotypal and yet all of the people around me are mad with media-sanctioned paranoia.
Seriously, saying Hillary is as bad as Trump is a completely nonsense, false equivalency. It’s no wonder Millennials believe the conspiracy theories: they’ve heard them for literally their entire lives. But I’ve spent almost 24 years listening to the exact same accusations, which can never be proven and often are outright debunked. It is literally a witch hunt. Major fact-checking outfits have shown that Clinton is the most honest of the candidates. 
Did I want Clinton for President? Not particularly. She’s a neoliberal. She more or less believes in Manifest Destiny, and she won’t do enough to protect the planet or decrease military involvement/budget. She’s more forgiving of the 1% than any people’s President should be. 
But do I believe she’s a malicious, power-mad, career criminal? No. If any of these accusations were true, it would have come out by now. It would have come out in the 90’s. If you actually go back to the very beginning, you can clearly see how these attacks toward her were fueled by sexism and disdain for the way she handled the Lewinsky scandal. 
I think she’s a normal person. I think she’s an accomplished, intelligent person. I believe she does actually care about crafting a better world. And yet, no matter how liberal she is, she is still a product of the time she was born into. She has an allegiance to the free market that a lot of the younger generations don’t identify with.
I do believe that Clinton will fight for an increase in minimum wage, paid family leave, and affordable college. I believe she’ll issue policy that brings us closer to universal healthcare. (And depending on how persistent Democrats/progressives are, perhaps actually achieve it.) I believe she will keep us on the slow track to progress. And I think we can keep her from getting out of hand if we actually vote and make our voices heard in the mid-terms. Seriously, Millennials, don’t drop out now.
Trump will destroy us. He will bankrupt us. He will destroy the lives of million of Americans, and be responsible for mass casualties. He will demoralize and set back the United States by decades. He will widen the gap between the poor and the rich. 
There’s an important decision to be made, and, because of all this unfounded bullshit, we’re on the verge of making the wrong one. It would be so easy to tip us back into the financial ruin we saw in 2008- but this time it would be even worse, because social programs will also be slashed astronomically.
If you study history, and notice patterns, and think about the 2000 Presidential election, you see that we could have been crafting policy to fight climate change 16 years ago. To repeat this mistake is inexcusable. Allowing Trump to win the Presidency is reckless. It will reduce the quality of life for all those protest voters, so it’s illogical, as well.
Like I said: Fucking. Revolt. If you want change that badly. But don’t pretend like you’re exercising any sort of power with a protest vote. You can exercise some amount of control over the world around you, or you can submit to whatever future those around you choose.
I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve given up my right to control my surroundings too many times, and refuse to leave it up to anybody else anymore. I will choose the candidate who can actually win and who will look out for my best interests. I can’t understand the people who see themselves as sacrificial lambs at the cost of women, minorities’, and children’s access to food. That’s not revolutionary: it’s entitled and selfish and cruel.

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