Random Thoughts

Human beings are sovereign nations, and each one has the right to self-determination. This means that you, as an individual, have control of your own laws and codes of conduct- whatever that may be. You might have laws that others don’t- maybe you don’t eat meat, maybe you’re firmly committed to nonviolence, maybe psychedelic drugs are legal in your country. You respond to crises in your nation- famine, illness, security. Every individual is entitled to total control of their destiny.

You control with whom you ally and whom you war. What you can’t control, and what anyone with an iota of knowledge of politics and diplomacy can tell you is a foreign policy disaster, is what other people do with their sovereign nations. You can choose, for example, to be a pacifist and refuse to use violence, even in self-defense, but you can’t force other people to do the same thing. You can support the death penalty, but you can’t make the next guy support it, too. You can have a policy that pride comes before eating, but you can’t enforce that on everyone else. You can measure the value of a life on productivity, but you can’t force others to do things the way you did things. And you can choose to see every conception as a miracle, but you can’t legislate that onto the life of someone who sees it as a home invader.

Your options for swaying these issues in other people are education, diplomacy, support services, and sanctions. I personally wouldn’t recommend sanctions, because that’s just abusive. But let’s be real here: you are going to save more babies by setting up adaquate support services and reaching out to individual women than you ever will by making abortion illegal. It doesn’t work on the nation scale (1 in 3 on average, across the entire world, for pretty much all of human history, regardless of legality), and it won’t work on the individual scale.

If you think it would be bad foreign policy to randomly start a war with China until they become capitalists who share our Western values, but you don’t understand why women have the absolute right to seek abortion, then you *do not see women as sovereign nations, you see them as male colonies.* I urge you to really look deep within your heart and challenge yourself on why you think women aren’t qualified to make life and death decisions, especially when men do it all the time. (War? Self-defense? Justice? Slashing life-saving budgets?)

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