The flutter of my sleeping lids

Betrays the workings of my id

And with each breath between my lips

The fire spreads from mouth to hips

What is this madness, once again,

The reckless urge to take you in

As in my brain the shifting scene

Looses skin and hair between

Hungry kisses, hard and raw

A trembling starting in my jaw

As fingers sweep across my flesh

And fumbling lips are now enmeshed

With the longing of a hundred years

Wrapped in sadness, sealed with tears:

The glowing pulse now slowly grows

And sends a trembling to my toes-

Your breath upon my neck and chest

Bowing now to kiss my breasts

And send a gasp of sheer delight

Echoing into the night

The whisper of your labored breath

Melts my bones to your caress

And fuels a fire raging white

Reflected like some Holy Rite

Muted pleasure, self-contained

As lavishly my kisses rain

Across your stomach, toward your thighs

With wicked want within my eyes

Shall I tempt you? Shall I tease?

Stroke you ‘til you’re begging “please?”

They say that with this shameless tongue

A man could really come undone…

But that won’t quell this raging thirst

My inner-walls are wont to burst

The siren of this raging sea

Calls you to wreck into me

And til you’ve settled on my shores

My hungry lips will cry for more

Til inch-by-inch I’ve felt your name

Burned into my wild brain.

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