Just One Thing

The vows are long since compromised
Your bags are packed and organized
Just one more thing before you go-
I love you more than you’ll ever know.

Where once our secret garden stood
The trails are blocked with vines and wood
The trees we used to sit below
Are gnarled now and bending low

And in the house we called our home
I wander blindly, all alone
And see your ghost in fleeting scenes
Of days gone by and broken dreams

So vicious was this malady
That slowly murdered you and me
That in my walls there’s nothing left
But mournful pools of deep regret.

Years of madness dragged us down
To hell, and left us gagged and bound
The fiery love that started us
Now broken, fading, turned to dust

And still I’d follow where you go,
Through desert climes and endless snow
Just one more thing before you leave
My soul is yours, eternally

I’m sorry love, for all the tears
The wasted time and broken years,
And if I could just re-design,
I would be yours, and you’d be mine.

Yet in this garden, chilly now
We’ve lost the will for when and how
And just one thing, before you’re gone-
My love’s still here, and carries on.

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