Oh, Goddess, thank you for the abundance that you have blessed me with this day and all days. Thank you for food which nourishes our bodies and comforts our souls. Thank you this for this capable body which enables me to care for myself and others. Thank you for smiles and children and laughter and kittens. Thank you for free-will and self-determination. Thank you for my beautiful husband and the goodness within him. As you have made him, he is good, and so shall bring good to the world.

And please, Father God, give me strength to navigate and embrace life. Mother God, give me the courage and poise to confront my problems head on, whether those problems are mental and physical. Allow me grace to deal with illness, and self-discipline in health. Whisper to me of patience and modesty, that I may improve my character and elevate my being. Grant me pride without vanity. Make me a voice for peace, justice, love, and compassion. As you have made me, I am good, and so shall bring good to the world. 


Watch over all beloved. Guide them with wisdom and gentleness. Bring us together in spirit, stitch together our wounds, and heal us of our disease. Nourish us in the gardens of our souls, and let us grow in goodness. As you have made us, we are good, and so shall bring good to the world.


Note: This was easy to write but difficult to publish. this new frame of thinking goes against everything I was ever taught by religion and society. What if religion told us this instead of that we are inherently bad?

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