Reader’s Response, Episode One

Right, I’m tired of my rants and poetry. Really, blargh to all that anyway. Tonight, I want instead to simply pose a question.

If a video was released in which a black man was beaten by a bunch of white guys, hell would break loose. (Vice-versa, by the way.) The NAACP would be all over that, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be on a crusade, and Facebook would be blown up with anti-violence tirades.

If it was later revealed that the black man had agreed to be beaten for a sum of money, the opinion would split in several directions: some racist whites would say blacks want to be controlled and serve the white man, some mentally-deranged and emotionally-retarded capitalist dudes would approve of an innovative business agreement. But most of all, people would be shocked, and the black community outraged most of all, that any man would subjugate his very person to such abuse and degradation for money from the men who do not want them to be equal.

The NAACP would still use it to raise awareness, and the psychology behind it would become the subject of national conversation, and the community as a whole still would find it racist and in bad taste.

Why then, is it, that so many women, feminists included, are willing to promote the same material of a woman being beaten PLUS fucked so casually, like, “Oh, hey, that’s just a normal, healthy, everyday choice for a woman.”

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