i wrote you a letter and never heard back
when I shed bitter tears for the graces I lack
but now that I’ve seen all the holes and the cracks
my fierce altered world is under attack

there i was standing, the ghost of a girl again
a violent mutation from the start of the covenant
pathetic return to the stage of my youth again
misogynist memory in the world that I lost you in

all I needed was the invocation
to guard against hate and surrogate nations
but now with the hurt of my wrong information
there’s no absolution for complete penetration

for miles and miles, I can see the pathology
of the labyrinth you wove deep in your mythology
and now it’s come round to passing the torch to me
a mission of sorts to save our humanity

so now raise the glass to the depths of insanity
the invisible thread that connects our reality
I’m mourning the passing of your lucid fantasy
only to find your eyes staring back at me

i’d set you adrift to the world you once knew
if humans were static and planets were new
but our sad inclination to not see things through
has come back to haunt a sad me and sad you…

i ache to cure your misery: hold you in my mind
kiss away the sorrow and save you just in time
you’ve held me long in rapture, my worship so sublime
my empathetic heart atoning for our crimes-

now how can I appease the storm that’s in my soul?
the death of fascination a slow expanding hole
the love story that I treasured unable to console
the sadness in my heart, too sharp to control

i pray in dreamy silence your sanity you’re keeping
in a world consumed by tears and saline scented weeping
let not the darkness in, though its cruel foot is creeping
and dream that it’s not done, it’s just in chaos sleeping.

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