in purest love were you each conceived

the burdens of the past relieved

future joys and hopes believed

the sweet, soft smile of innocence received


with bursting hearts and eyes aglow,

one by one we’ve watched you grow

from first small steps to full blown go

the constant patter to-and-fro-


first cale Kestrel, with curious eyes

,ind full of wonder and glorious highs

when posed with a question, no down and out sighs

just the deep love of learning and dream to be wise


next then was Zoe, princess to boot

affection for beauty so blithely astite

and endlessly pleased that kittens are cute

the real need for pants so quick to refute


and lastly was Ashley, where wild abounds

soft giggles of crazy so commonly found

attraction to mischief each day to comnpound

though wonders of brain are quick to astound


and now you have asked to walk next to God

as humans are known to be prefectly flawed

but the promise of faith your small hands applaud

this new form of hope leaving small hearts so awed


so bless us, sweet children, and the delicate voice

the decision for grace while finding your voice

and in sublime wonder will our small hearts rejoice-

for blessed are those with meek heart and soft voice.

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