the autumn winds console my heart,

my sins so

weighted with guilt and fear.



the promise of your love

can yet bring me home.


in bitter times, two hearts grew cold

the consuming fire of


devouring us-

hungry, selfish, sad.


two years were you gone,

centuries ago.

but somehow across miles of time,

my love for you stayed fierce-

waiting, wanting, wisting…


two years i’ve been gone,

selfish heart in control

though tears of frustration

were justified by your distance…


and after all these years,

my love is still fierce.

no death awaits my twin,

two hearts laced

with wounded affection.


i sleep alone in misery,

uncomfortable and cold.

the sweetest respite

from nthe cruelest world

across miles and miles of time…


grow, fearful heart

the spreading flame of misery

consuming you,

the sheer joy of

white noise in your mnolecules.


love, be fierce,

and loyal and true.

in my  moment of weakness,

I forgot about you.

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