Double J, Double U.

if my fingers were brushes and
your body a canvas,
i would paint your skin with
the wildfire consuming
my delicious, delirious
(then strip you down, just to
set you ablaze, again.)
i find my self so easily lost
in your smile, my
licentious intent
curious as a kitten,
wide-eyed and full of mischief.

my skin shivers at
deep twin eyes like
liquid pheremone,
so casually tracing the
lines around me that i
nearly forget to breathe.

you’ve fallen prey to
my wicked smile and
it will not be satisfied until
it has tasted the rough edges
of your secret thoughts and
dirty paranoia.

my lips are rare deities,
content to bless or deny.
your secrets now to keep,
their secrets now to fly…
i’ll stitch you to my psyche,
and fall asleep in
the shadow of your smile.

sleep now, lover,
soon you’ll find
my dreamy eyes
inside your mind,
my pretty lips
so quick to tease
and dirty mind
so quick to ease
the thoughts of guilt
and discontent-
such sweet forgiveness,
timely sent.

let’s descend
below my walls
with wicked words
and throaty calls,
and maybe then,
you’ll finally see
that I am you and
you are me.

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