To the Secret Lover I’ll Never Have

inner tension, fuck that bitch
my insides twisting
to scratch that itch
why such boldness, in this game
where sacred words
have come untamed
my sweet, soft whispers
fill the air
pathways shifting
to resist your stare…

what brings me here, to this lovely hell
are sins un-done
my tale to tell?
science moves me,and moves me deep
but jealous tides
my forces keep…

if our fate were different,
your praises I’d sing
but I’m loyally bound
by a soft, white-gold ring
my pretty tears are now reserved
for the constant mate
who I preserve…

rest now, sweetly, for it’s true
that in another world,
I’m bound to you
and with each passing hour
radioactive decay
has bartered and bargained
the whole thought away…

my love now is faithful,
and if it were not,
your soft adoration
would be deceptively bought
so though each tiny cell
quivers for you,
my heart must be honest,
and loyal and true.

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