only eternity

you reach to touch me,
eyes burning and breath held
with hands so
and familiar…

my parted lips answer
each staggered breath
an accent mark
in the symphony
of two entwined.

how many years must pass
before i grow weary of
your endless smile
and contented sighs?

each gaze is just as piercing
each touch just as exhilarating
each murmur just as musical
each scent as intoxicating
each taste as delicious…

as it always was,
and always will be.
my heart can only
with want for you,

each passing day is
an exponential expression
of my love for you.

though centuries may
pass us by
i will still tremble
under your eyes
and smile
that shy and guarded smile

which exists for
only you
and only eternity.

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