two new views.

wake up

wake up, wake up, wake up little one
from your friendly night terrors and coming undone
wake up, wake up, wake up woman dear
from the perilous dreaming that fancies your fears
your breath now constricted, uncomfortably tight
from the struggle of dreaming deep through the night
you safe world now fading, the dark’s setting in
and waking’s a luxury  you won’t find again

until you’ve walked through the shadows inside of your mind
until through dark cruel harbours your bearings you find
with black archetypes of your world still at large
your cursed inner battery must slowly recharge
your strength for this world is increasingly taxed
and to lack of control, you’re not yet relaxed
but you’re locked in this battle, and win it you must
if you hope ever to a live a life good and just

oh wake up, dear sweet dreamer, wake from the pain
of folding and fighting and falling again
i’ll cloak you in forgiveness and wash you in tears
until the sweet, soft redemption soothes all your fears
may Heaven restore you and Hell fall away
so refreshed, hopeful eyes can wake to the day
and with your sins all forgiven, kissed, and transformed
the sun upon rising is eternally warm…


crisp winter nights
sitting in your garage
smoking our cigarettes
and having “poetry sessions.”

soft fall mornings,
curled up in your arms
blithely rebellious
and content in our
girlhood idolatry.

warm summer evenings
on coffee shop patios
two starry-eyed lovers
lost in other worlds.

words always tumbled
so easily over your
graceful eyes and
perfect body.

never in my formative
did i foresee such
loneliness and
from your touch.

strange new springs
grow in the horizon…
my heart is calling
your blue eyes home.

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