when there was – black-
     and not even black,
just a non-existent
     existential crisis,
i knew you were there.

and when Something
     sprang out of
I followed you,
as far as the waves
     rippled out.
from galaxy to
i was an atom
in every star
where you dwelled.

where you sped, i sped.
where you stopped, i stopped.

and somehow, across
billions of solar systems and
billions of years,
     your molecules settled
          lazily here,
          in a place cursed with

what chemical composition causes chaos?
what nuclear function fuels failure?

and so the world
     stretches before us,
an experiment in
     particle physics;
you, with your classical skepticism
and i, with my new age mysticism,

two factions warring
to determine the meaning
     of stardust.

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