oh, Ian, my old and dearest friend
I’m so sorry that I never got
the love you tried to send.
oh, Ian, I’m so sick and black inside
I can’t punish you forever
for the cruelty of your lies
oh, Ian, my love for you is true
but my heart is filled with terror
at the thought of trusting you

oh, Ian, I’m so sorry for my sins
I always go and selfishly
fuck things up again.
oh, Ian, we used to be so pure
and now it’s most important-
this illness we must cure
oh, Ian, I know that we will find
a way to kill the sickness
and poison in our minds.

oh, Ian, our spring has come again
it’s time for phoenix rising
and the misery to end.
oh, Ian. I belong to you alone
and I’ll spend my whole life seeking,
my betrayals to atone.

oh, my dear, sweet Ian
I love you more than breath
I’ll always harbor deeply
a love stronger than death.

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