you’re not you.

i pour my fourth drink
with no thought.
let me

they say i have
an addictive personality and
i cannot argue.
after all,
i’m addicted to you.

my insanity
consumes us,
digging a hole
deep inside of me.

where once there was
complete trust
there is now

my love for you is tangent
full of wonder and
full of adoration.

yet you plague my heart
with painful jealousies.

painful jealousies,
rising like sickness in my
constricted chest.

and yet…
they make no sense…

your love for me
cannot be threatened.
what you fail to see is-
mine for you can.

when i seek the other-love
i am seeking you.

and if you
are not you
what hope do you have
to be mine?

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