more old schniz.

sweet little girl that I used to be
won’t you come back and sing for me?
Sweet little girl, free and naïve
how long ago now since I told you to leave?
Sweet little girl, with her hands still clean
will you come back if I forget all I’ve seen
sweet little girl, with innocence intact
what would you say if I want you back?
Sweet little girl, all your pretty little dreams
have been shattered and broken and ripped at the seams
sweet little girl, I must put you away
to look at so teary-eyed some other day
sweet little girl, you’re frozen in time
and you’ll stay there forever, for I can’t fix my crimes.


easy for you
easy for you, it’s always been so easy for you.
Just use it up and toss it out
when amusement is gone and emotions come round
so many girls and so little time
with no feeling to feel or hope to let shine
and when you get lonely and just want to scream
you let it all go and you let yourself dream
but as soon as you start, then the empty sinks in
and all the dreams leave and you give into your sins
and soon you’re just craving for new drugs to take.
New girls to fuck and new hearts to break
and deep down inside, I can never decide
whether to pity or whether to cry
you left me so empty, raw and sublime
and then walked away when you felt it was time
but all that I gave and all that I took-
the broken down way those haunted eyes look-
and the way we pretend that I think you’re not there
but I can feel it all over
when you’re choosing to stare
and in spite of the truth that I swallowed your lies,
I still know you feel it when you’re inside my eyes.

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