I thought it would be fun to re-visit old things I wrote. Poetry for now, perhaps short stories later. I’m working on compiling a book so I shan’t be posting every old thing, just some of them.

p.s. all of these things were written like ten to twelve years ago when I was a ridiculously melodramatic teenager. (haha, i say that as though i’m not still dramatic to this day. Stupid crazy actresses.)


my heart that beat beneath my flesh

shuddered there below my breasts

as the razor grazed my ivory skin

I knew the fallen angel’s sin

the dark caressed my dying soul

my empty hatred took its toll

I felt as if I’d closed my eyes

I heard again those velvet lies

I struggled for another breath,

on my knees I faced my death

my battered wrists poured out my life

my empty hope became the knife

broken in my fallen days,

I felt my blood drain away

I gasped at first, then choked for air

and when I died- people cared.

(scornful on suicide- predepression days XD)

Ode to the Student Teacher

in a dream I held you in my arms

and listened as your rhythmic breath

became a dancing melody

I watched as you shifted in my bed

you pulled me nearer still.

I smelled the scent

of passions embrace

upon your heated flesh

I felt your hands upon my skin

and your kisses on my neck

I savored your salty sweet lips

claiming mine as yours.

Your nimble fingers in my hair,

your warm, sweet breath

caressed me like a gentle breeze.

Possess me, love,

own my skin

let me burn away

within your arms

hold my fragile soul

take away the emptiness

and kiss away the tears


just make me laugh…

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