there is an ache
that creeps slowly,

across my entire chest
and belly
and mind.
it is the cruel limbo
of uncertainty
and worry
and memories.

my eyes flicker
casually across
my cynicism.

i feel like
i am lost again.

only yesterday,
my optimism
surfaced at the end.
full of joy,
and assured in accuracy.

what hope do i have
to cure this terror
these tears
this trembling?

i fear that
my love is like the
i have imprisoned you
entangled you
shattered you
and yet…
mine is the broken heart.

oh, if only
the words weren’t written
the damage was undone
if only i believed again…

please brain,
release me from this torture.
unlock my tower
serotonin flow.
i am tired of love
forever expanding
and tinged with madness.

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