what can i write when
i have nothing to say?
i count down the minutes
’til the end of the day…

i slip through the hours
on restless dark dreams
hope madly riding
the rapids downstream

each second passing
stretches for years,
the fast flowing decades
compounding my tears

and i long for the respite
of undreaming sleep
that brief break from thinking
and mourning so deep

i fly through the shadows
on pixie fleet feet
and maneuver through mem’ries
so achingly sweet….

yet now they are whispers,
just leftover lies
that speak of a time
of innocent eyes

i cling to my passions,
once fervored and dear
without ever seeing
emotion appear

i long for the days
when i was safe by your side
content and protected
and marveled inside-

i used to count smiles,
but now i count time
each infinite moment
a victimless crime.

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