dream state.

oh, sweet forbidden fantasy

you titillating tease

you pull the plug on gravity

and put my heart at ease

for in what other quarters

might i seek to find

the guilty thoughts of martyrs

with pleasure on their minds?

swollen lips of promise

haunt my waking dreams

the changing-phase adonis

shifting at the seams

in lucid, lusty visions

my fingers trace your curves

while particle collisions

soothe and sate my nerves

the sweet respite of longing

and all its secret sins

has led to nocturne fawnings

with softly filtered lens.

but is it narcissistic

to feel the way i do?

if your want for me is cryptic,

then surely mine is too…

…and so i wander sweetly

into your vibrant brain

with senses sensing deeply

and racing heart, germane

what wicked wanton wishings

are stirring in my breast

that lead to tender kissings

and flesh-to-flesh compressed?

i’ll descend into your valleys

and trace your silky shores

i’ll walk your hidden alleys

and adore your twinly core

until, in first light waking,

sleepy whispers fly

and the gentle, dreaming quaking

is the op’ning of my eyes…

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