i dream of worlds once cherished,

now subject to decay

the beauty i once worshiped

now fading like the day

yet the embers linger,

waiting to be roused

with gentle, trembling murmurs

so elegantly housed

though my fears are bitter

and frightful in their way

my breathless heart is waiting

to win your love, so gray

i fear you’ll be unfaithful

and calloused with your word

and my timid hesitations

will forever go unheard

still my thoughts go wand’ring

to bright Elysian fields

where wondrous tales of perfect

so amazingly do yield

the wonders of my passion

and fidelity now sealed

with quick and strong persuasions

and broken heart now healed

with the promise of your concept

of self and future dreams

committed to our interests

and jovial extremes.

just promise your devotion

and to you i will fold

the fondest hopes of time

and the pains of growing old

for as long as you are with me,

i know that we will glide

across violent lakes of fire,

hardly breaking stride

for the strength of our desire

shall forever hold us here

in the aspects of our sorrow,

yet joy we hold so dear.

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