snow song.

my dreamy urge to fascinate

has led my heart to commutate

the currents of my expiate

now locked inside your smile.

I never could extrapolate

the meanings of your adulate

or my ancient need to medicate

the disease that’s in your smile

with every breath, I hesitate

my good intent to dedicate

my life to our entwining fate

and the culture of your smile.

I never meant to agitate

the aspects that you contemplate

it was just my wish to meditate

in the shadow of your smile

I never meant to denigrate

the importance of  our aggregate

or the chance to here now congregate

in the parish of your smile.

but i hate when you insinuate

the ways in which I deviate

from the musings of your teenage traits

and the past behind your smile.

still i can’t help but gravitate

to your secret wish to isolate

and desire to eviscerate

the sharing of your smile…

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