how can we ever evolve?

I work my ass off every day. Ian has a full-time job. I’m going back to school next semester. I was raised in an educated, middle-class family. I see brilliant, intelligent, motivated women who work their asses off beside me every day. We come from very different backgrounds and cultures. And you know what? We’re all in the same boat. We need assistance.I can’t pay the bills, even working every day and getting child support. They’re in the same boat as I am. I’m glad to know we’re the scum of the earth for making our best effort and struggling to get ahead.

The thing I’m more grateful for than anything is that I went from having money to not having money. When you don’t have money you learn to appreciate the simple things in life more.Not only that, but I’ve come to know a wonderful, compassionate world since I’ve been poor. People share. They trade. They barter. And they’re usually dedicated to fulfilling their end of the bargain. In short, these people are good. They know what it is to want, so they’re selfless with what little they have. In short, the poor community is ACTUALLY a community.

I hate it every time I hear someone say, “But you’re not one of the ones abusing the system.” Well, that’s good. So why is it again that you assume that most people are abusing the system? Seriously? Fuck that. How dare you insult these people and their dedication? How dare you judge them without knowing them? And how dare you treat them like they’re trash, like they’re leeches, like they’re nothing.

Money is the most bollocks aspect of our existence. “Let’s fight and cheat and treat each other like shit so we can buy the newest car! Oh, I’ll care about people, but only if they’re close to me or can do something better for me in return. Let’s let people suffer to teach them a lesson even though the odds are stacked against them and they’re stuck in cycles of poverty beyond their control.”

Personally, I’m not an asshole. I care about the people I interact with every day, and I always always ALWAYS make an effort to be appreciate and help people in any way I can. And I mean all people- not just the ones I know personally. I’ll give a drunk man a ride to detox. I’ll spend hours talking with an old, rambling person and LOVE their stories, not sit there secretly being bored and wishing I was somewhere else. I buy homeless people sandwiches and give them five dollars with it. Everyone deserves my respect. Everyone deserves my compassion. Everyone.

I’m going to keep on working my ass off as hard as I can, AND I’m going to keep standing up for and believing in what’s right, what’s fair- for everyone. We should really hold ourselves to higher standards as human beings. The selfish, callousness of this world we live in is the lowest possible human level we can function on.

One thought on “how can we ever evolve?

  1. I like how recently all these military types are suddenly popping up, seemingly self-righteous and disdainful towards all these “hippies,” and “liberals,” and “lazy whiners,” telling everybody to just shut up and get a job. Oh… you perhaps mean go get a job from the hated “Big Government,” sucking down tax money from hard working Americans — a job in the *military,* maybe?? Talk about corporate welfare (weapons contractors) and bloated government (why are there -still- US military bases in Germany, and Japan, and soon Australia?)…

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