if all the tears I’ve shed for you

could be measured out in sand,

a strange and new Pangea

would cover sea and land

if all the things you whispered

were measured on a scale

the weighted side called “broken”

would barely tell the tale

of a hundred years of promises,

contorted in their form,

and a hundred years of fantasy

rising in this storm

of electrical sensations,

whipping through my mind

the malicious fascinations

would quickly seek to find

the memories of our secrets

and the secret of your smile,

the smile of your smugness

and its rank, corrosive bile.

for now in empty hallways

the acid licks the floor,

my preconceptions threatened

and melted at the core.

and now in worlds

we’ve long since seen

our pristine vows

have come unclean

the words that we recited

in thirsty sublime awe

now tested by our egos

and the gnashing of our jaws.

still in tortured terror

my silence I will keep,

the pain of this obsession

slowly digging deep

into the pores of my subconscious-

all hopes and dreams on hold-

the bitter knowledge coming

that we are growing old…

what labyrinth do I wander

as I run out of time

trapped inside forever

unless I choose to climb

my prison walls of sadness

and divinity denied,

my favorite recollections

now taken by the tide

that gently loves the shore,

now measured out in sand

the strange, shifting Pangea

slowly building land.

2 thoughts on “landmass.

  1. Lately, I am totally over the ABAB rhyme scheme. I went through like a bazillion-piece phase where I loved it, and think I OD’d. Not only do I not write with it right now, but I also tend to dislike reading pieces that use it. Except this one! I really really enjoyed this – especially the use of the Pangea motif. Super creative and wonderful.

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