watch as we


each promise broken

a promise in kind

of the sweet, bitter sorrows

haunting my brain.

each honeyed whisper

a promise of pain

now in the doorway

of Gorgons I stand,

my cooling stone heart

crumbling into sand

of sharp, broken dreams

that used once to be

the linings of my armory

in the deep, lively valleys

where tender once played

the passions of youth

have begun to cascade-

down rapids of memory

and calm once exposed

through trusting, warm murmers

and relations transposed

now in my mind,

in the seat of my soul,

the horrors of truth

are taking their toll

my deep, secret nightmares

are on morbid display

while your twisted cruel lips

have nothing to say

yet your eyes can destroy me,

no chance to defend-

is it the end of the beginning or

the beginning of the end?

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