there was something restrained
in your cool dark eyes
whispers of pleasure
and wanton apprise
that held me in rapture,
my eyes bright as stars
they flickered and sparkled

leaving permanent scars

etched into my eyelids

and into my brain
each shower of kisses
reviving as rain

in the dim, swollen hours
from nightfall to sun
the tangling of limbs
was done and un-done
the arching soft angles
were ecstatically viewed
with murmurs of wonder,
and past demons subdued

in new, hidden valleys

my hands were engaged

the passing of time

completely upstaged

still deftly I wandered

the lines of each trail

(and in rivers of memory,

our secrets take sail…)

how long since we”ve been there,

how long since we’ve *been*?

such desolate landscapes

have become “now-not-then”

still stirring sensations

are met by your name

and the changing of seasons

has seen us totally tamed.

except to each other

where mischief abounds’

though simmers of tender

now gently expound

i’m lost, can you find Me?

I’m just down the street

and at the end of the journey,

our fingers will meet.

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