facsimile of optimism.

i remember now, in years gone by
the day when you first caught my eye
in softsullensolitude, novel in hand,
my intrusion and questions in sharp reprimand
but slowly, so slowly, my heart gently changed
from lustful facade to shy glances exchanged
and the myst’ry of longing with resigned, weary sighs
and the pain of infection making me wise
to the suffering of others and frailty of man,
and the futile nature of dreaming and plans.
my sense of affection so cruelly deprived
of sarcastic dark humor so smartly contrived,
my consciousness streaming accepted the new
but in shadowy dreams the subject was you
and now once again you’re unsure of your place,
and the exhaustion of madness covers your face
here i’m left to wander with Eris and Discord,
adrift from the dock where i joyfully moored
until the whispers of crazy slowly descended
and my title of lover was sadly rescinded
the silence of heartbreak deafens my ears
and i long for a cure that will soothe all my fears.

yet still i remember with breathless surprise,
the day when you first caught my eye.

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