I want to ask everyone to say a prayer for the Navy Seals that went down today. But more than that, I want to ask you to say a prayer for the world. Say a prayer for the Somalian children dying from famine right now, that they may find nourishment. Say a prayer for the women being brutalized in Thailand at this very moment, that they shall be liberated and cherished and loved. And yes, say a prayer for all the Afghani and Iraqi people who are victims of brutality, both their own and ours, right now. Pray that soon our sick sad world will find a way to over-come our stupid nationalistic and religious superiority complexes. Say a prayer for the children and wives of Osama bin Laden, that the survivors overcome their trauma, and the dead rest in peace. Say a prayer for every young Muslim whose been seduced by promises of a way out of poverty through jihad, and say a prayer for every young gang member in the United States who’s bought the same sick party line. Pray that they find the love and strength they need to be the good people they truly are inside. Say a prayer for the Tea Party and the GOP and the Democrats, that they all get their heads out of their asses and actually work to improve the state of our country instead of trying to further their own interests. Say a prayer for the working man, that he might recognize his value and demand the respect he deserves. Say a prayer for rich Christian Americans, that they might recognize their own over-value and start living in the ways actually proscribed by Jesus. Say a prayer for sorority girls with entitlement issues, that they find compassion and altruism in their hearts. Say a prayer for lonely cancer patients, that all their fears be soothed and their physical pains comforted.

Say a prayer for the world tonight. And mean it. And when you wake up in the morning, make that prayer your legacy. If you believe in God, let Him do His work through you. If you don’t believe in God, do it because it’s the right thing to do. And never pass the responsibility onto someone else. Don’t you dare ever say, “I can’t change the world.”

You haven’t even tried yet.

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